The Saskatchewan Dietitians Association

The Saskatchewan Dietitians Association (SDA) is the regulatory body for Registered Dietitians in the province of Saskatchewan. The government of Saskatchewan has delegated the responsibility for regulating the practice of dietitians to SDA through the Dietitians Act.

SDA regulates the over 300 dietitians who work in Saskatchewan in various settings such as hospitals, long term care, primary care centers, community health and private practice.

We fulfill this role by:

  • Setting and monitoring the standards for dietetic practice to ensure the public receives safe, competent and ethical nutrition services.
  • Investigating complaints about the performance or ethical conduct of a Registered Dietitian and recommend the appropriate remedial or disciplinary action.

There are approximately 320 Registered Dietitians in Saskatchewan.  Click here to find a dietitian.

Contacting SDA

The primary role of SDA is to ensure that the public is protected from unprofessional conduct and/or incompetent practice.  If you have a concern regarding the practice of a dietitian or want to know more about SDA, contact us:


Saskatchewan Dietitians Association
17-2010 7th Avenue
Regina, SK     S4R 1C2
Phone: 306-359-3040